Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deer Vehicle Accidents

Deer and vehicle accidents are up all across the country and several lives are lost each year because of these accidents. One of the problems is that our instincts induce a swerve when something presents itself in front of our moving vehicle. These swerves can put our cars into oncoming traffic or into the ditch where many cars end up rolling over. 

To avoid, or should I say try to avoid these accidents we have to do our best to override our instincts and keep the vehicle straight. The chances of missing a deer by swerving and not having a related accident are poor at best. You are much better keeping the car straight, hit the breaks and hope for the best. One thing though, right before impacting the deer, if they have not moved, is to let off the brakes so the cars front end comes back up so the deer goes under the vehicle not over or into the vehicle. 

I know that these tips will be hard to do when that deer steps out in front of your moving car but try your best, it may save your life or the lives of your loved ones. 

Another thing we as hunters can do to reduce deer vehicle crashes is to kill some does to help control the deer population.  Many hunters have no interest in shooting a doe but I believe it is our duty as hunters to kill as many does as the Game & Fish Departments allow for each given area. So get out there and take a doe.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Inexpensive Shooting Bag

Wandering through a sporting goods store recently I walked past the shooting bags used on a bench during the sighting-in process or just plain plinking. I was shocked by the price of some of these bags. For a mere $69.00 you could have a nice sand-filled canvas bag with a nice leather accent stripe.

Here is my idea of a nice bag and one that will only cost you a few dollars. Go to your sock drawer and find an old cotton or wool sock. You need one that has a pretty fine weave. Take the sock and fill it with rice. Tie off the end of the sock and cut away the excess tail. Using a plastic zip tie in front of and behind the knot is also a good idea.

The rice settles nice in the bag when you place it on the shooting bench and provides a stable and adjustable rest.