Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awesome T-Shirts

Buck Wear has some newly designed T's that are worth taking a look at. These are not the boring old designs that you see everyday. The quality of the shirts are great. I hate the thin shirts that are so common today. These ones are high quality and the designs are great.

Buck Wear has been gracious enough to provide some of the T-Shirts to give away to the readers of OutdoorU. To enter the drawing you need to go to their Facebook Page and LIKE it. Once you have LIKED their page send an email to HOW TO KILL A ZOMBIE DEER with your best method of harvesting one of these Zombie Deer. The best responses will get a free t-shirt. Pretty easy. I only have a handful of shirts so enter quickly!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Imagine encountering one or a pack of these guys when you were not prepared.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gotta Have Shades

Your vision is priceless, yet many people resist investing in a good pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes while in the outdoors. You may have noticed I said "investing" in a good pair of sunglasses. There is no comparison between the $20 pair of sunglasses you picked up at the local big box store and a pair of quality sunglasses made with top notch materials.

I've always purchased the best sunglasses I could find and have never regretted it. If you divide the cost of the sunglasses over a 1-2 year period of time, the daily cost is less than a cup of cheap coffee at the local gas station.

Every time I'm by the water with someone wearing bargain sunglasses they always look at me funny when I say "look at that fish" or "did you see that?" They have no idea what it's like until I hand them my sunglasses and then they usually say "Oh, WOW".

I was recently given the opportunity to try a pair of sunglasses from Margaritaville/Jimmy Buffett. When they arrived and I opened the shipping box I was impressed with just the box the sunglasses came in. Instantly, I knew I was holding a quality product. (Have you ever noticed that if a manufacturer packages their product in a great box the product is usually great?) After unpacking the sunglasses I headed outside for a test.

The pair I received had brown lens which I normally don't care for. Most brown lens are too bright in my opinion or just turn the world an odd color. These lens were awesome and I now prefer these to my current gray lens. The clarity was great and had no signs of distortion. (On cheap sunglasses with poor quality lens material you will notice small defects or distortions that cause eye fatigue after wearing for a while). The frames were extremely light and had a very good fit, plus they had a nice style. After a few minutes of wearing I hardly noticed I had sunglasses on. I then jumped into my truck and headed to a local pond to see how the polarization compared to my other sunglasses. My other pair of sunglasses are made by Costa and they are a #1 rated fishing sunglass. Once I looked into the water I knew that Margaritaville had done their homework.

When I got home my wife tried them on and I noticed this evening that I no longer have possession of the sunglasses. They have mysteriously disappeared from the house and if my hunch is right the sunglasses are now cleverly hidden in her car:)

Do yourself a favor and make the investment in a good pair of sunglasses. It's something you will never regret. If asked last week I would have told you to buy a pair of Costa's but after trying this pair from Margaritaville I would encourage you to give them a try.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lead use being threatened

Anti-hunting and anti-fishing interests are currently litigating against the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) to force the EPA to expand its Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) authority in order to regulate traditional ammunition and recreational fishing tackle... READ MORE HERE the video in the post below

Hornady Presents Boone and Crockett Club

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool new product

I received an email over the weekend about a new product that I think is pretty cool. I hate full face masks so this product looks like it would be a great addition to the wardrobe for outdoor activities, especially late season bow hunting. Normally I don't talk about products on the blog unless I've tried them "hint, hint:)" but I made the exception this time because of it uniqueness. Check out there website here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Catfishing

Fall is a great time to be out on the river. After a long summer of flood waters the river is finally ready to be fished from a boat. September 24th and 72 degrees. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Pictured is Captain Bill Doll with a nice 10lb channel cat. As for me, a 15oz. cat would have to do.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Must watch video

Here's a video that I guarantee you won't forget anytime soon! She didn't cry, although she came close to losing it, and she gave those a reality check they dearly needed.

Texas girl, Judy Dorsett Tyler, had the encroachment on her second amendment rights so graphically illustrated. The honorable senator from New York , Chuck Schumer, was getting a little uncomfortable in his chair. The room was absolutely dead quiet throughout her testimony and the gun banners (meaning Senators who want to BAN citizens' ownership of all guns) absolutely speechless as this little Texas gal chews them up and spits them out. She knows what the 2nd amendment is really all about. Watch it. You will be glad you did.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cold Cats

Don't wait for the dog days of summer to go catfishing. As soon as the ice is gone grab your gear and head to the waters edge. Catfish will be taking advantage of the winter kill. Most bodies of water will experience winter kill of its' forage fish and the cats will be gorging themselves at this time of year. Drop out a cut bait and hold on!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Turkey Skin as Bait

A great thing to tip your ice fishing jig with is the skin from around the neck and between the legs of a turkey. This skin is normally cut off before cooking and thrown away, so this makes good use of a waste product. Cut the skin into small pieces and freeze in small containers until your next ice fishing trip. The skin is tough, odor rich and can be colored with food coloring if desired.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Buy Your Ammo Here

I've added a link to the right hand side of this page where you can buy your ammo for the upcoming season. Check it out and stock up.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guest Post - Fire Starting

As a former Iraq War vet, I am an outdoor enthusiast and have had my share of survival tests including the dry scrub wilderness of the Middle East. Now while that isn't necessarily pleasurable, I do enjoy visiting local places, such as national parks and the wilderness of the West and Pacific Northwest. I'm also a regular airsoft milsim player, a form of simulation play with realistic looking replica firearms. This keeps me outdoors a few weekends a month in wooded areas and large swaths of backcountry. Every now and then I come across a situation where I need to start a fire whether to cook or for warmth. Some of the airsoft events I go to last multiple days, and you have to make do with whatever is in your bag. The nights can be fairly cold and a hot drink or warm soup can make a big difference. A few times, I have been without the ideal tools and forced to improvise. Here are a few ways I've learned to make a fire from materials on hand when a match is nowhere to be found.

Preparation and Basics: First, you will need dry tinder in a location isolated from wind or rain. Things that will suffice for tinder include: bark, birds nests, rope, dead leaves. Then make sure the area where you're starting the fire is free from strong winds and you have at least a 5 foot area clear of dry brush and other combustible materials. (you don't want it to get out of your control). The tinder pile should be piled a few inches high, and your combustible sources arranged from ease and speed of combustibility. Once the tinder is ignited, let it burn till the flame is larger, then place dry leaves or bark on top. Once the bark is ignited you can move to sticks and then thicker pieces of wood.

1. Come Prepared: If you are in an area prone to excessive moisture, it is wise to be a prepared. Purchasing a Firesteel, commonly known as a magnesium firestarter in the camping section of your local sporting goods store shouldn't cost you more than 10 dollars. They generally are small and rectangular, some are cylindrical. These are better than matches because moisture isn't a concern. In other words a wet, rainy night won't become a wet, rainy cold night because they can work wet. First, use your knife, rubbing slowly to shave off some of the magnesium into a pile. Place the metal on the pile of tinder. Next, holding the knife perpendicular to the surface of the firestarter, scrape it quickly and lightly to generate sparks, the spark should be hot enough to ignite the tinder/magnesium mix quickly.

2. Sun and Glass: This next method I have is if your group knows they're going to hunker down in one location and it's still bright out. You have to use any piece of convex glass on you, and focus it like a magnifying glass onto the tinder. A pair of sunlglasses, sometimes someone's eye goggles, even some rifle optics or lens covers will suffice. I personally use the lens of my tactical flashlight, as it screws off easily and I don't have to sacrifice or break any equipment to use it. You should face the optics towards the source of light, and with some patience and testing you'll ignite your tinder quickly.

3. Battery and Wire: The next method involves using a battery and some wire. This is optimal for use at night when you can't use a lens. Take a battery (AA, 9volt, etc) and attach insulated wire to both ends, (I usually carry some extra wires for my airsoft electric guns to do field repairs.) next you have to touch the two ends of the wires together to create sparks, place the wires on top of the tinder to ignite.

4. Flint and Steel: A more primitive method is with a Flint and steel. It's similar to using a Firesteel but much more skill based. If you happen to have a used matchcase, the flint at the bottom is a great source but if you are not able to access even that, a stone will work. The stone should be hard edged and struck with a carbon steel object such as a knife (Most tactical knives are carbon steel, stainless steel does not work). The striking should be done in a downward motion to appropriately direct the sparks. Once the tinder is smoldering, gently fan to bring oxygen to fuel the flame. Continue adding fuel to strengthen the flame.

5. Fire Plow: If you have absolutely none of these tools but a lot of gumption and elbow grease, you can try a fire-plow. The fire-plow is a friction method of ignition. You rub a hardwood shaft against a softer wood base. The base should be about 16î long on the longest side. To use this method, cut a straight groove in the base and plow the blunt tip of the shaft up and down the groove. The plowing action of the shaft pushes out small particles of wood fibers. Then, as you apply more pressure on each stroke, the friction ignites the wood particles. This requires a lot of patience and repetitive motions, be mindful not to slip, as you can get a nasty splinter from being a little inattentive.

Fires are a great way to make the outdoors more livable. You can boil water, cook food, and the smoke will keep the bugs off you. Speaking of smoke, I've even used it as a trap to lure in enemy airsoft players! I'd wait out in the side away from the fire, and I'd ambush them as they come to investigate the source of smoke (I of course never leave the fire unattended, its always within my line of site with a large canteen of water handy next to it) Just remember to respect the fire and always keep it as small as you need it. Also, I always clear it with the Airsoft event planners, or local forest officials to see if it's permissible to start a fire.

John Durfee is a Gulf War veteran and the marketing manager for Airsplat, the nation's largest retailer of Airsoft Guns and Apparel.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Dream River Boat

Man could I get to the catfish with one of these. Just think, if everyone reading this donated $10.00 I could get one:)

BE SAFE!!!!!!!

Don't let this be you! If you are hunting from a tree stand USE YOUR HARNESS!! No deer is worth getting paralyzed or worse.

Please be responsible and take a Hunters Safety Course. This post was brought to you by

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Happy Family!

A friend called to borrow my frog net to catch a few frogs for an evening catfishing trip. He was taking his neighbors on their first catfishing adventure and the results were impressive. The large one above weighted 20lbs 12oz and the "smaller" one weighted 12lbs 13oz. CONGRATS!! I think we may have some new catfisherman in the area.