Friday, January 7, 2011

Turkey Skin as Bait

A great thing to tip your ice fishing jig with is the skin from around the neck and between the legs of a turkey. This skin is normally cut off before cooking and thrown away, so this makes good use of a waste product. Cut the skin into small pieces and freeze in small containers until your next ice fishing trip. The skin is tough, odor rich and can be colored with food coloring if desired.


hunting videos said...

I have actually heard of using chicken as bait, guess turkey is not to far off. Good share.

Silverking Lodge said...

I have never heard about this! You bet im going to go try it out for myself :) Thanks! Ill post what happens!

bustnourasses said...

Never heard of this, I bet it would work great to soak in a stink bait container for catfish Maybe as a shark bait too.