Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cheap Bait

Fishing at a local pond that is filled with Bluegills, Largemouth Bass and Crappie was getting costly. Nightcrawlers are the bait of choice on this pond and at $2.50 per dozen it does not take long to end up losing your pocket change. The small fish love to nip the crawlers and suck them off your hook all day long.

On a recent trip to the pond I took one GULP Alive minnow and cut it up into small pieces. I fished for 4 hours and caught several bluegills and a largemouth bass and still had a few pieces of this one cut up bait left. I have tried other similar baits, including GULP, on this pond in the past with no success but GULP Alive did the job. 

The next time you are heading out for a day of fishing give this idea a try. You may never go back to the almighty crawler.