Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow Tracking a Buck

To verify that you are really tracking a buck in snow, follow its tracks until you find a urine spot. A does urine spot will be in center or slightly forward of the center line between the hind legs. A bucks urine spot will be forward of the hind legs. One exception is if the buck is rubbing urine on its hind legs as part of a scenting/marking activity.  Bucks also have a tendency to dribble as they are walking away. Also be on the lookout for tine impressions in the snow if the buck stopped to browse. If there are tine impressions in the snow you know you are on the trail of a large buck.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Knife Website

If you are in need of a new knife check out fellow reader Kris Anderson's new website. There is plenty of selection and the prices look good also. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Tuesday is coming fast and I must admit that I will be glad when all of the political rambling is done. I know this is a blog about outdoor tips but I want to give you some voting tips this time instead.

  1. Simply vote. If you don't vote you loose your right to criticize or complain.
  2. Don't base your vote on issues alone. Remember, the issues the politicians talk about are nothing more than political promises and we all know what happens after someone is elected.
  3. Vote for the person that is most aligned with your core beliefs and values, not on what is popular today.
  4. Don't vote for someone based solely on the way they look or sound. A college professor once told me that the political system would be 100 times better if nobody saw the candidate until after they were elected.
  5. Simply vote. Yes, this is a repeat tip but it is the best tip there is!