Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Jerky Treat

If you are like me you enjoy eating jerky. The problem is that most store bought jerky tastes more like the bottom of a grease pail than jerky. Because of this I have resorted to only eating jerky that I make, until now.

I've had the pleasure of trying the jerky from and I can tell you that it is some good stuff. They recently sent me two new flavors to try. Sweet and Spicy Mango and Sweet and Spicy Orange. All I can say is grab a cold one and enjoy. These flavors are not what you expect in a jerky but they were both very good and in no way were the flavors overpowering. They hit the spicy part right so if you are into very mild jerky these are not the flavors for you.

If you like jerky and want to try something a bit different click here, order a few bags and enjoy.