Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fishing Tips from the Experts

The more tips and tricks that you have the better luck you’ll bring to
your fishing. As a beginner you’ll want to try a variety of techniques
until you find what works best for you and the water that you’re fishing

• Thick weeds: When you’re fishing in thick weeds the best lure
that you can use is a spinnerbait or a crankbait that is shallow
running. Make sure that you cast parallel to the edge of the weed
flow if you can. Remember look in the inside edges of weedbeds.
• Timber pileups: When you’re fishing in deep timber your main
focus will be to not get your line tangled up. Use a plastic worm
or a jigging spoon for the best results.
• Fishing from fallen trees: If you want to fish from a fallen tree
make sure that you pull back your bait so that it runs in parallel to
the tree limbs. This is because the water is very shallow and you
don’t want to disturb the area any more than you have to.
• Working the area: Make sure that you work the area that you’re
fishing as thoroughly as possible. Try a few different lures if the
first one doesn’t bring you success. You might want to think
about returning again at a different time of day.
• Keep a close eye on your lines: Make sure that you keep a
constant eye on your lines particularly when you’re retrieving
them. Remember that when the weather is cold the bass can strike
and completely miss the lures.
• Avoid excess noise: The more noise that you make the less the
bass will bite.
• Night fishing: Night fishing is a great option in the summer
months when the water temperature during the day is just too hot
for bass to swim high in the water.
• Creeks and coves: During the fall months make sure that you
check out creeks and coves since this is where baitfish tend to
hover...and this means the bass won’t be far behind.
• Using surface plugs: When you’re using surface plugs try to pay
as much attention as you can to the angle of your rod. You should
be holding the rod low when you have the lure close to you and
higher when the lure is further away.


Arthur said...

All very excellent tips!

ketchikanalaskafishing said...

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