Monday, December 3, 2007

Seeing Blue

Research has proven that deer can see color. The exact colors and the intensity is still being researched but the one color that the researchers are sure that deer can see is Blue.

This is one color I wish that deer couldn't see because I'm a creature of habit and comfort, which means that I wear blue jeans quite a bit while hunting deer. I guess that will have to come to an end.


SimplyOutdoors said...

Thankfully....usually my blue jeans are under my hunting pants. Whew! That was a close one!

oh said...

I never wear blue in the woods, however this is interesting. Genetically what is the reason for this? Why of all colors would deer only be able to see blue? In their habitat what is the advantage to them, to see the sky?

Doug Skinner said...

If there is one thing I can't do it's wear jeans out in the woods when it's cold...It's like they suck whatever heat I have left in my body right out....I'll only wear jeans when it's above 55 degrees...I like to be comfortable in the tree so for me it's sweat pants under the camo...

Dan Gutting said...

"Their ability to see blue 1000s of times better than us is not because of what is blue for them to see, it is because they lack a UV filter so that they can see all night long. The abilit to see blue had little value to them until the common use fof optical brighteners in cloth and laundry detergent about 15 deer generations ago.
Now, because all camo is made in asia with brightened cloth, their ability to see the blue glow caused by the brighteners is their most valuable defence.
Just go watch the free video at and you will see what I mean."

Thanks and I would be happy to answere all questions about deer vision for you.
Dan Gutting, VP Atsko Inc