Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't Double Freeze Your Catch

If you are an ice fisherman and plan on keeping some fish for future use by freezing them don't just throw your fish out on the ice after catching them. If your catch freezes and then you thaw them to clean and then freeze them again you will end up with mushy fish. You wouldn't buy frozen fish at the store, bring them home, thaw them out and then freeze them again so don't do it to your personal catch either.

Take along a cooler or pail to keep your fish in. Add enough water to cover them and they won't freeze. Using a stringer in an extra hole will also work. Taking a little extra care on the ice will pay big dividends at your next fish fry.


Eagle Eyes said...

Excellent reminder. If you are going to eat fish, might as well take care to have the best quality.

Marc - Editor, NYBOWHUNTER.COM said...

That's a great tip.