Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Smelling Plastic

No one can deny the success that GULP and similar plastic baits have had. The problem I have with them is the cost. One way that I am now trying to mimic the concept was hatched in my mind while enjoying a can of sardines. Why throw away the juice of the sardines? Why not pour the left over juice into a container of plastic jigs? After a few days of soaking, in the fridge, the baits have taken on a nice aroma that should be attractive to fish, hopefully, more so than the mock smells the commercial baits are soaked in. Oil from any canned fish or even oysters should be great for making your own fish attracting plastic baits.


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Kris said...

You would think that this would work better than GULP methods. Keep us posted on how they fish!

I have not had a ton of luck with GULP baits. I have tried some for both trout and bass, but have caught much more on other baits. It may just be that I don't yet have confidence in the GULP baits, so I fish them less, or a little differently.