Wednesday, November 7, 2007

For Great Tasting Deer

Meat preparation begins BEFORE THE SHOT! Older deer (bucks in particular) usually have a stronger taste (gamy), and will usually be harder to tenderize. So if meat is what you are after, first and foremost, learn to identify and choose an animal between 1&3 years old. Does are usually the best choice. Try to shoot a calm animal. Animals that have been spooked or are running when shot tend to have a "gamy" taste when cooked. The shot...careful shot placement is ALWAYS important! Proper shot placement is not only an ETHICAL MUST...a quick kill also insures the best tasting venison! Broadside shots, through both lungs are best. This insures a quick, humane kill and destroys a minimal amount of meat. Once your deer is down...gut it, clean the inside of the body cavity (use clean dry rags and keep water away from the inside of the carcass to prevent bacteria growth) and COOL it down ASAP! In the unfortunate event of a gut shot CLEANING of the body cavity becomes TOP PRIORTY! If you need to use water to clean the body cavity out because of a gut shot then be sure to wipe the body cavity dry with a clean rag. I wish you all good hunting this fall.

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