Thursday, September 6, 2007

Light Minnows

If you are heading to your fishing spot by foot leave the heavy minnow bucket in the truck. Pick out the minnows that you want to use and put them in a zip lock bag with a little water. They will live for quite a while and if you plan on jigging it does not matter if a few die.

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deerslayer said...

What if the fish are biting good or you lose all your bait does that mean you have to make a trip back for your minnow bucket or a refill on your baggie and take the chance the fish will still be biting good when you return to your honey hole? When I go fishing I like to fish for quite some time so I try to carry everything that I need just in case the fish are biting good I won't miss the enjoyment. Good idea if you don't have long to fish though it would save some wieght and a small bowl such as a butter bowl with a snap on lid will work for this and you can put it in your pocket till you get where your going or for wading creeks and rivers.