Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Practice Calling Deer

If you don't have any faith in a deer call or are afraid of scaring deer away, only use it after you see a deer that you are not going to shoot! You will get to see that it doesn't scare them and you will get to see their reactions. Make sure to use the appropriate call though or you just might confirm to yourself that they don't work.

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Doug Skinner said...

I'm not all that confident calling deer. It definitely worked once during bow season...It was getting late one night so I busted out the call gave a few short bleats and in trots this 8-pointer looking for some action...I had a 15 yard shot broad-side and I didn't follow through and shot right over his back...That big deer reacted well to the call. It was fun to watch, it's ashame I missed the shot.