Monday, August 6, 2007

Stump Shooting

Estimating ranges while bowhunting is a necessary skill and learning to accurately estimate ranges can only be done one way...practice. One of the funnest ways to practice estimating ranges is to go stump shooting.

Get yourself some judo or rubber blunt tip heads and go stump hunting. Pick out a tree stump, estimate its' range and shoot. After an afternoon of stump shooting your range estimating skills will be greatly enhanced. It may take several trips to the woods to go stump shooting before you are proficient at range estimation but it will be a fun learning experience and if you involve a partner it can become a fun competition also.


Phillip said...

I spend a good bit of time doing this when things get slow on hog and deer hunts. It's a great way to keep in practice, and keep the muscles limber. I shoot traditional, but even with compounds, it's quiet and not likely to spook game if you do happen to stumble onto something.

Arthur said...

I have honestly never thought of that. We 3-D shoot to get better at guessing ranges and I've also been known to mark a few spots from my stands so I know exactly where that range is. This definitely looks like a fun way to kill an afternoon though!