Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trophy Pictures

It takes a lot of hard work to bring down a trophy whitetail. To preserve and share the big event with others be sure to get good video or snapshots of your trophy. Ron Tussel of the Wrangler ProGear Outdoor Advisory Team offers suggestions. Buy a set of glass eyes from a taxidermy supply house and insert them into your deer prior to pictures. Carry a pack of wet wipes and clean all blood from your hands as well as from the deer’s face and antlers. Pose the deer naturally; tuck the front legs under. Be conscious of your background to have a good clean photo that will showcase your trophy and speak volumes about a successful hunt.


Arthur said...

Always a good idea. I have saw too many photos with blood on the antlers and paws (or hooves) and things of that nature. Not that I'm against blood, but for a timeless momento, a little care should be involved in taking the photo.

Editor said...

I'm not sure about the eyes, but most photos that I have seen, have been ruined because the tongue was not stuck back up into the mouth.