Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Field Judging Whitetails

This bit of wisdom does not come from me but from a friend that has a garage full of racks that I would be proud to have. Determining what constitutes a trophy whitetail is very personal. What I would consider a trophy is very unlikely the same size deer that you would consider a trophy. This fact alone is what makes this system of field judging so fool proof.

Scott's fool proof system of field judging a trophy buck is simple. There is no estimating how far the antlers are above or beyond the ears. There is no guessing the length of the brow tines etc. etc.

Are you ready for the method? Simply put, when you get the deer in your sights and if there is ANY mental hesitation as to whether the buck is big enough or not then it is not a trophy buck...to you. You will know instantly if the buck is a trophy the split second the buck is in your sights...period.

Does the system work? Walk into Scott's garage and the wall full of nice racks will give you the answer.


Editor said...

We use the "Oh, S##T" method.
If you do not say this, he is not big enough

Craig A. Manock said...

That works for me. Now if I could only have the chance to say "Oh S##T"