Monday, June 18, 2007

Shooting Uphill & Downhill

I'll never forget the nice buck that walked to the bottom of a small river bank as I was standing on top of an old farm bridge. I was 15 years old and it was the nicest buck I had ever seen as a young hunter. I was alone and I was already thinking about the stories I'd be telling.

I pulled up, took careful aim, fired, and watched my prize buck run away untouched. I could have cried. An important lesson was learned that day.

When you are presented with an uphill or downhill shot always aim low. There is some tricky math that can explain the reasons for this but forget the math and just remember to aim low in either situation.


deerslayer said...

Craig, your method works fine as long as the distance is not to far for bullet drop. some hunters see a huge buck and try to shoot out of range simply because they don't know the bullet ballistics which will also cause you to miss your trophy.

hunting videos said...

Distance is definitely a factor in this situation. Great post.