Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The First Arrow

Many guys brag about their shooting ability and the tight groups they get. This is great as long as the first shot they make is also hitting the mark.

In archery, the first shot is really the only one that counts. If it is taking you several shots to get “warmed up” before you start keeping score than you need to change your practice methods.

If all you are going to shoot is 3D, then a warming up period is fine, but the luxury of a warm up shot in not available while hunting. You must become proficient on your first shot, cold muscles and all.

Try shooting at least once a day, taking only one shot. Take your time and pretend that the buck of a lifetime is at the other end of the arrows path. Practice this one shot until you are dead on every time. This first shot practice will give you the needed confidence you need when the moment of truth arrives.

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