Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Heal Thy Target

In my basement shop I have an archery shooting lane set up for “rough-tuning” my bow. I shoot into the foam target at a fairly close range and by doing this I wreak havoc on the target. It does not take long before the foam core is coming out in large chunks.

Most of the archery targets I’ve bought in last 3 years have all been over $70.00 apiece. It gets pretty expensive in a hurry when it’s cold outside and you’re having fun shooting in the basement.

Recently, I walked past my latest target and seen the foam chunks coming out and muttered a few kind words that I can’t write in this blog. Later the same day I was in my shop looking for some parts and came across a half-used can of expandable spray insulation foam. The light bulb came on and I instantly grabbed the can, walked over to my target, pulled out the loose foam, inserted the tip of my spray foam can into the targets wounds and presto!! My target has been resurrected, at least for a little while longer and it only cost me few dollars.


kris said...

When I was "rough tuning" my bow indoors I used a burlap bag target that i think cost me $15. I stopped by the local jome depot and asked if the guys in the recieving department could hang on to the celophane wrap for me over the course of a couple of days. That celophane wrap packs nice and hard and tight and it's easy to get lots of it. And trust me, it takes lots of it to pack a burlap bag target. If you can't find a burlap "target", just stop by a seed store and pick up a few and double bag them. Sow the target shut using hemp bailing twine. Excellent idea with the insulation foam!!

Craig A. Manock said...

That is a good idea. I'll have give that one a try.

hunting videos said...

The thicker window spray foam works wonders for repairing the targets.