Monday, July 16, 2007

Blue Marks the Spot

You've just released the arrow or pulled the trigger and all of your hard work and in my case "luck" just payed off. Staying in your stand late in the day was worth it but now you have the task of retrieving your prize. Approaching darkness does not make the job of finding your trophy any easier. If you live in coyote country it is imperative that you find your animal before the "yotes" do, waiting until the next morning is not an option.

Blood trailing is difficult at times and if the sun goes down it becomes that much more of a challenge. The white light of a normal flashlight can wash out the small drops of blood. Now is the time to pull out your blue filter or even better a blue LED light. The blue light will help make the red blood spots stand out against the brown and greens.

Personally I'm a big fan of Surefire lights. I use one everyday in my line of work and I can't recommend them enough. I hate spending money on products that don't work so if I ever mention a product in this blog you can be assured that they are good. Surefire has a new LED light that has white light, red light, and blue light. I don't have this one yet but if you read my earlier post about using a red light this particular light would be a great purchase for any sportsman.

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darrell said...

I didn't buy a surefire, but bought a similar light last year. Unfortunately, it didn't really help me find the blood like it was supposed to. There were a lot of other things on the leaves that would show up and look like blood. I stopped even carrying the lite.

Surefire are awesome lights, though.