Monday, July 9, 2007

Haulin' the Load

You've scouted and hunted properly. Everything has gone as planned and your trophy is now laying on the ground. Your hunt has been great but the work is still ahead.

Dragging a deer from the woods can be a challenge, especially if you're alone. At the very least it may mean a few trips to the truck in order to get both your gear and deer home safely.

To make this job much easier get yourself a sled. Not a rigid type sled but the kind that rolls up. You can buy sleds made for this purpose but a $5 roll up children's sled works fine. They are light and can be carried with ease. You will want to modify the sled slightly to allow for tying down your deer. Cut a few holes into the sled along both sides to allow for your rope to pass through. I use a small hole saw on a drill to make this job quick and neat. Be sure to stay back from the edge at least an inch. Once the holes are drill it is best to tie your rope to one of the holes, roll up the sled and then tuck the rest of the rope into the center of the sled. This way you won't forget the rope which would make hauling out your deer a comical sight.


darrell said...

That is a great tip and one I've never thought of. And, best of all it will only cost me $5! Thanks!

hunting videos said...

I always come back with the 4 wheeler to drag the deer back,