Monday, July 30, 2007

On The Edge

Whitetail deer are edge users. The importance of an edge cannot be understated. Wherever two different vegetations meet you get an edge. Even a difference of elevation on relatively flat ground will create an edge. Deer will utilize edges with such consistency that you are greatly decreasing your chances of scoring if you place your stand where there is no edge.

If you are hunting farm country look for a stand site between different crop fields or between a crop field and a shelter belt. If you happen to be hunting where more than 2 different crops meet place your stand at the intersection of the different crops. If there is a small creek or drainage ditch by a crop field or pasture this would also be a great location for a stand.

If you are hunting the big woods you need to look for internal edges between the different vegetative types and if there is heavy undergrowth you may need to make your own edges by clearing the way, either by hand or by chemical weed killers. By removing or killing vegetation you will be creating an edge that will create new growth that deer will utilize.

Using edges to hunt deer is nothing new. What do you suppose was created when the Indians burned sections of the prairies and forests?


Editor said...

very good, we always check edges and openings in the woods.

Arthur said...

Edges are a must. I was even pointing out to the wife the other night about a location where a bean field and corn field met at the corner of a woodlot and wishing I had permission to hunt that property and put a stand there.

darrell said...

Great tip. I love edges. You are absolutely right, deer, gravitate to them.