Monday, July 2, 2007

Saving Tackle II

After losing several crank baits in the rip rap, logs, and other debris in my local river I started to look for alternatives to crank baits. The problem is that at certain times there is nothing better than a crank bait to catch river walleyes and sauger.

To slow down the bleeding from my wallet I discovered that I get snagged a whole lot less when I remove the front hook from my crank bait. Doing so did not lessen my hook up percentage and removing the hook apparently made no ill effect on the baits action.

If your are losing too many baits from snags and you don’t work for a lure company give this one a try and see if it works for you.


Darrell said...

It's a great tip! I know several fishermen that do this and they lose a lot fewer lures than I do!

scottz said...

Thanks for the tip. One other thing you might want to try is a double trouble lure. It's similiar to an erie deary but has a lip like a crank bait. We use them on Saginaw Bay. the secret is to take the hook off and add a leader with a crawler harness. The double trouble then takes the harness under and adds attraction but the walleye hits on the harness (worm).

Craig A. Manock said...

So do you ever see Mike Avery out on Saginaw Bay? If you do, offer him a tub of crawlers :)

hunting videos said...

Witty tip, thanks for sharing.