Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rigging Plastic the Right Way

Rigging a plastic worm properly is simple, as long as you know how. If done improperly your worm will not track properly and will look dreadful to a fish.

If you have a plastic worm and an offset hook in your tackle box go get them and follow me along as I show you how to do it properly.

Frame One - If you are right handed, hold the hook in your left hand fingers. With your right hand, hold the worm between your thumb and forefinger, about 1/2 inch from the top of the worm. Frame Two - Slide the hook through the nose of the worm until you reach the bend in the hook - that's far enough. Frame Three - Push the point of the hook through the worm and slide it up the shank until you reach the off-set. Frame Four - Push the worm over the off-set part of the hook. If you've never done this before, it will feel strange and look odd. But if you follow through to... Frame Five - Rotate your hook 180 degrees - the worm will slide beautifully onto the off-set portion of the hook. You're just about finished. Frame Six - Insert the point of the hook into the worm so that it is just beneath the surface of the worm on the other side. DON'T poke it all the way through or you'll get weeds on the hook. We all know what happens when you get even the tiniest piece of weed stuck to the hook - absolutely nothing in the way of fish taking a bite, that's for sure! Finally, add a screw-in sinker to the nose of the worm or to be totally weedless you can just pull the nose of the worm up over your knot and forget the weight. If you choose not to use a weight you will have to slow down your retrieve to allow the worm to make it down to the cover.

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arthur said...

nice little post. I've been rigging my worms like that for awhile, but I'm sure there are pleny that will benefit from it. Also makes them semi-weedless as well